Juste un rêve

Juste un rêve
L’œil britannique s’enfonce dans l’eau
La tour Eiffel s’enflamme
Aux portes de l’Allemagne, les sabres s’aiguisent
Les lignes côtières s’effacent sur des kilomètres
Schönbrunn fait le serment de la neutralité
et finit par la perdre
Les robes pourpres virent au rouge

Playing with fire is for little boys, fighting fire is for big boys. London, Berlin, Paris, Washington, Moscow and so on play with fire. Where is the fire brigade? Where are the parents?

Clairvoyance is simply having access to a universal database.

Those who claim that peace is not a solution have forged contracts with arms producers.

The extent of inflation is almost arithmetically correlated with the number and extent of armed conflicts. Instead of becoming fearful, billions of people should have the courage to demand peace from those who are responsible for this.