Song »Magic for Piano«

»Magic« is actually a song I composed in May 2021. My song »Magic« was born while writing for a new story. Magic is both poetry and music.

»Magic« ist ein Song, den ich im Mai 2021 komponiert habe. Den Songtext findet ihr hier. Die Melodie kristallisierte sich bei schlechtem Maiwetter heraus. Die Lyrik kam wie von selbst in einem Traum zum Vorschein.


Truth is such a magic 
And if I told you 
You wouldn’t believe 
A single word. 
Truth is such a thing. 

Trust is such a magic 
And if I’d lied to you 
The sky would have rained 
For every day
Trust is heaven’s gift. 

Love is such a magic
And if I kissed you
You wouldn’t obstain
A single kiss
Love is all around.

Life is such a magic
And if I wouldn’t have loved
My heart would be empty, oh
No my dear
Life is when you love. 

Time is just illusion
Don’t count the lifes you have lived
No future no past
No present no more
Death is not the end.